It’s a Wash!

Do you ever feel like everyone else seems to have it all perfectly tidy and together? They just seem to have something you never quite had? Maybe it’s not a thing, maybe it’s the way they handle life’s messiness. Even through COVID, they just seem to have that annoying cheer-y thing going on. Maybe they’re even saying “I’m #BLESSED“. I don’t know about you, but this year has a been a wash for me and my family. Problems came piling this year. Can I get an amen?

Taking this back to a more serious note, maybe you’re finding yourself in place where you feel like God can’t deal with YOUR mess, or that your sins are too great for Him.Maybe you’re thinking He can deal with them, but not you- no way! I’m here to tell someone that nothing is too great for our God!

The verse I’d like to go off of today is from Psalms. If you don’t have a Bible, you can always download the Bible app from the App Store or read the verse below.

Wash me clean from my guilt and purify me from my sin.

Psalms 51:1

A lot of us feel vas though somehow our mess is too big. I felt the same way as I began to really give my heart over to God. I’m here to tell you that you are not alone in this feeling! You somehow see everyone moving glory to glory, their house is cleaner, their kids behave better. Most of it, as we all know is an illusion, but we somehow still seem to get caught up in that lie that God isn’t sufficient in His work with us and around us. In-fact we could be believing a lie when we ARE walking with God! The enemy wants us to believe that lie, as we experience temptations to fall into sin. The truth is, we all have our messes, but nothing is too big for our God!

We can all easily fall into the ways of this world and sins by looking towards our own selfish desires. The best thing we can do is surrender and let God wash you clean. Maybe those sins were made against you or maybe someone said something when you were younger that changed the whole course of your life. You wish your life could have went a little different. Maybe you wish you could be washed clean from your past. I am here to tell you that it is possible. God can use the weakest part of your story for His glory too.

If you invite God into your heart, He can begin a work within you that he promises to finish. As he starts to chip away, clean, and rinse, he promises to make you “white as snow”. His cleansing process isn’t always easy, but it all start with accepting God into your heart. Just a tiny tiny bit, just a seed of faith. Reach out to God in the middle of your COVID mess. God is working even in the middle of COVID. He’s bringing families together, he switching jobs, creating different plans for a lot of people. We can all still find God in the middle of this pandemic, if you seek Him.

Create in me a clean heart, O God renew a loyal spirit within me.

Psalms 51:10

How Do I Get Washed?

First, you have to be willing to surrender your heart to God.

This might be your first online sermon you read all the way through, or it might be something you just kind got led to. I don’t believe in accidents and I believe you are here on purpose right in this moment! Make sure you stay connected to this online church and sign up for our newsletter so we can continue with you on this journey. You are not alone and we want to be there for you, so you can sign up through the main website menu. This is a new ministry, but I feel like God is going to reach a lot of people through this ministry. Especially online during COVID.

After you surrendered by inviting God to work on you, you’ve prayed, and you said yes to God, He will draw near to you and begin cleansing. But all of this requires faith. It’s not the kind of faith that’s easy to find, it’s the starting of a real relationship and he begins to work within you. It’s only then that you can experience His fullness, joy, and blessings. He can wash out sins like that dirty black crusted stove top! The one that no amount of products or money could work on. He can reach those hard to love places inside of you and those bruised pieces you don’t let anyone see. It all starts with a decision.

The one that makes these purple and red leaves fall, the one that dusts the mountains with snow, that very same God can wash you clean. Take a moment today in your business to open your bible and say a prayer, or step out in faith that today will be the day you start to listen to what God has to say. He is always working around us and he can work in you, even if 2020 was a wash for you too!