Keeping My Eyes On It

What’s been the main thing you’ve been keeping your eyes on this year? 2020 has been a year full of some real problems for people! Where do I start?! Today we’re going to bring our focus in something different, something you may not even notice you are currently focused on! Anyone can miss this very small thing, in fact, I was blind to this before.

Maybe you’ve been carrying the weight of something and maybe you can’t even put your finger on it. Today we’re going to dig a lot while keeping our eyes focused. You may want to even write some things down.

Firstly, we all have problems, our friends have problems, our kids can sometimes be our problems (hello!) and no one is really immune to problems. Sometimes it’s even US that picks up new problems-like these problems that are going out of style! It’s true that sometimes we don’t even want to deal with our own problems SO we end up picking up problems from other people. Sometimes it’s better back off be alone and let God. God wants to work on YOUR problems. What is God calling you to this season? Maybe he wants you to listen to what he can do in your life and your problems. Give God enough space to work with you. Sometimes that means being still or being alone. Maybe we need to take the log out of our own eye first.

How can you think of saying, friend, let me help you get rid of that speck in your eye, when you can’t see past the log in your own eye; then you will see enough to deal with the speck in your friends eye.

Luke 6:42

Maybe this is the season some things are going back up on the shelf. Not because you couldn’t afford it, but because God wants us to build a relationship with us. Maybe He’s tending some new soil in you this Fall.

This season can be a growing season for your soul. Don’t worry about your friends speck, but remove your log first. Doing the hard work is good cause you can move past problems and maybe God can even use you. Maybe he’s worked in your friends life and you kinda want that too! Let Him shine the way through the wilderness that you may feel you’re in.

As you start to see things the way God sees things and as you mature in your walk with God, He’s going to continue to ask you the important question “did you remove the speck in your own eye?” It’s so basic, but hard to put into practice. Our nature is to want to fix others first, but God wants you to just fix your eyes on Him.

When we begin to hand over our problems to God, we can begin to see Him working in and around us. That also means we have to keep an eye on who we let into our life sometimes. Sometimes because we can (depending on our personality) just take on problems of our friends. Sometimes we think we are doing good things, but sometimes we could be keeping ourselves from our destiny and a true relationship with God.

Once we learn how to remove this speck we can begin to go after God in a new way and with complete joy.

What joy for those whose disobedience is forgiven, who’s sins are put out of sight.

Romans 4:7

When we are chasing after the joy that God promises, we have to clear out all the inner-dialogue and just take a step in faith. But also in order to find joy, we have to take that next step. We have to put in the work and remain obedient to His ways. He can deal with the “logs” in your life. Not one “log” is greater than others, and YES your “log” in your eye too. God want’s to meet you exactly where you are today and ask you “are your eyes on the prize which is Him?”

Today I invite you to step into a new light where your sight is completely focused on Him. The same God that moves mountains want’s to be in your corner and fight for you. He want’s to work out what best for you behind the scenes. All He asks is that we focus on Him. Let us focus on God this season in 2020 to make way for better things and to create a beautiful stillness in our soul. We’re not going after our neighbors problems, or our cashiers problems, or your best friends problems. Today let’s focus on God restoring our vision and doing good through and around us.

Maybe He want’s to start a small spark in our hearts. Maybe just a small voice that says “everything is going to workout”. Moments where you start understanding that God meets us where we are. Sometimes in order for God to work, we have to stay out of our own ways, and just let God. Sometimes it requires a step of faith too though. There’s a saying that says Faith without works is dead. Either way, today I invite you to ask God where your vision might be going wrong or blurry. Today he want’s to remind someone that it’s not about the fight, but the win. God want’s to win someone’s battles for them today. Maybe even bless your friends too. God answers prayers!

Lets examine the speck in our eye this Fall and keep your eyes focused on the God that has given us all we have.